Do you have a store where I can view and try the products physically?

Yes. We have 5000 sq.ft of studio space under one roof which showcases a curated range of furniture from the online portfolio. At the studio, one can experience various types of office furniture with different configurations and finishes and get an idea of the overall quality of furniture at Syscom.

How can I customize, coordinate and order furniture for my entire office/project?

We specialize in taking up entire projects that involve a very high degree of involvement and coordination and customization. From working closely with the architects to on-site planning and markings to auto-cad based planning to deliveries and installation at site, we take up complete projects and give you the right solutions. You can visit our studio or call us on +91 97407 62969 / 99726 36340 / 96328 66668 or just mail us at [email protected] with your floor plan and discuss your requirements with us to offer you different possibilities, finishes and the best possible solution for your budget and needs.

Can I return the product if I do not like it after I get it?

No. Since all products are made to order, we won’t be able to accept returns or exchanges.

What is the life and durability of your products?

Our products are designed tested and manufactured in advanced state-of-the-art facilities using the highest grades of materials and technology. With a little care and maintenance they can last you for as long as you use them.

Will my product fit in through the stairs and doorway?

All our products are built to fit through regular stairwells and service lifts. Also, we give detailed dimensions on our website. We request you to please check and ensure before delivery that the product can be installed in your home through this mode. We are not in a position currently to get it crane-lifted through the balcony or any other such method.