Cluster Workstation – 10

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Configuration – This product is made to order and can be customized to suit your requirement.

Product Specification :

Basic work top size: 1200mm x 600mm & 1500mm x 600 mm

Table height: 750mm

Frame structure: Made from MS CRCA

Corner Pole: Made from MS CRCA extruded square tube

Trim: Made of Aluminium alloy extrusion

Work top: 25 mm thick pre laminated board in various designs and shapes with 2 mm thick PVC edge banding

Wooden tile: Made by pre laminated board of suitable thickness

Metal Tile: Made by MS CRCA of suitable thickness

Glass Tile: Frame made of MS CRCA & fit with glass of suitable thickness

Fabric Tile: Frame made of MS CRCA & fit with soft board of suitable thickness

Marker Tile: Made of plain particle board pasted with marker grade laminate of suitable thickness

End Caps: Made of die cast aluminium alloy

Partition Thickness: 50 and 75mm

Wire Management: Wide metal raceway of suitable size with removable cover for easy wiring & maintenance. Cut out is provided for mounting switches and sockets. Two grommet holes are also provided on the table top


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